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As I mentioned in my first post, my daughter encouraged me to relaunch my website. During a long conversation, she reminded me about how I needed to start my website with why.

Mom, you’re a wizard

While we were on the phone, there were some things on her website that were not working quite the way she’d hoped. She told me about one problem, and I fixed it followed by my standard, “Hit refresh.” There were a few more things that needed to be tweaked and I resolved those issues, too. Then she said, “Mom, you’re a wizard!” Hahaha! She didn’t expect me to be able to fix the issues she was having while on the phone chatting with her. Then, she told me that I needed to blog about what I do and share what I know. I thought it was a great idea.

I love sharing what I’ve learned about websites. This is my why.

Tell me about how you have an idea for a website.  Once you do, I’ll be thinking about all of the things you can do and how we can make your site look and work great.

Whenever I learn something new that makes my life easier, I make a note of it. I take any opportunity to share newly acquired life hacks. So much so, it’s a running joke in my family. I’ve been known to start many a conversation with, “I read this article today…” And then whatever nugget of new information I picked up, just spills out. This is who I am. It’s how I’m wired.

A helpful hobbit

I love taking a look at a website, or even thinking about an idea for a website, and seeing all of the potential available. Talking with clients, friends or family members, I’m happy to talk about anything online. I can see how their branding, logo, domain, web design, content, site features, graphics and printed material all fit together.

For me, this blog gives me the opportunity to share all that I’ve learned in my years working on websites. Believe it or not, I’ve had to learn a lot of it by googling, watching videos or downloading ebooks. Having said that, I’ve picked up some shortcuts and wizardry along the way that have made my job easier and my clients happier.

The bottom line is I have a passion to help others express themselves online so they can share what they believe in and why they do what they do.

(Photo courtesy of shel rogers photography.)

I love what I do. Even more, I love sharing what I know to help others with their websites. Today, I had an opportunity to chat with my daughter who is working on her documentary photography website.  We took the time for a little Q&A about WordPress and why I use it for a lot of my sites so we could pass the info along to anyone who might be interested. Read more