DIY web design or not…that is the question

People ask me all of the time, can I create my own website?

The short answer is, yes. Sometimes folks I know have taken the DIY route, which worked out fine for them. The only thing is that sometimes a DIY site can look like a DIY website. Some of the important parts of a DIY website that can lose emphasis are branding, design, and page load speeds. I’m a web designer. I admit I’m biased. Having said that, I’d like give you some ideas that I hope will help with a DIY website.

DIY Website Builders

If you’re good with a computer and are not afraid to take on a challenge, you may want to try to do it yourself. This might work for small websites, blogs, or portfolio sites.

Some web hosting companies offer the ability to create a website from templates in a step-by-step process called website builders. This can be a good option, but before you go down this road, make sure you’ve mapped out your website.

Take a look at this really good article comparing different DIY website builders complete with pros and cons for each.


The biggest downside to building a website with a template or page building process, is that if you want to move your site to another hosting company, you won’t be able to with many of the website builder options out there.

Before committing to a website builder, Keep in mind

1 Free versus paid

It’s common for free website builders to have ads on them. If you don’t want any ads on your website, you’ll need to take a look at the paid versions. Just be careful of the monthly pricing  with the website builders. Extra costs may include removing ads, additional storage or bandwidth, and even support.

2 Portability

Most website builders have to stay where they’re built. If you need to move your website to another hosting provider, very few website builders allow you to do so. Be sure to check on this before making the commitment.

3 Features

If you want to have a blog, portfolio or shop, make sure the website builder you choose has the features you want on your website available. Sometimes, website builders charge to set up shops or other features, so you want to make sure you can do what you need to within your budget.

I’ve already shared why I love WordPress websites. In the next post, I’ll talk about how WordPress can be a great option, whether you DIY your website, or not.

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