Sharing what I do

I have always believed that knowledge is so much more powerful, when shared with others. Like I said in my first post, my daughter is a photographer and after creating her website, she said that it was time for me to share what I know about what I do.

My experience with designing and creating websites has been a long, adventurous journey. I just enjoy helping folks with their websites and branding. I want them to experience the adventures that can be had online.

I’ve been working in tech-related fields for a long time and just keep coming back for more.

I have more than 15 years experience in graphic and web design. My work keeps me current in internet strategies, as well as domain and server management. Most importantly, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned to help improve folks’ online experiences.

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Ginny Rogers

I enjoy working with small businesses to implement creative strategies ranging from company logos, websites, print and packaging. Although I love design, I also understand what’s behind web sites--the code and servers--to help web sites work for my clients, and their visitors.

Graphic Design
Adobe Suite
DNS & Servers

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