Is there any pursuit of happiness in the NEWS?

I just watched the TED talk, “The Happy Planet Index” by Nic Marks.  I found this talk particularly interesting because I had just been contemplating that as a society, it would serve us well to talk, report and focus on those things that truly contribute to our happiness and well being.

In a conversation with my husband, I relayed that I only scan the news headlines because most headlines tend to focus on what’s wrong with our country, communities, or leaders.  It’s easy to find news on politicians bickering, catastrophes, corporate corruption and environmental issues.

But recently, I took a look at Google Timeline to find occurrences of the word “happy” and was only given a handful of results (mostly relating to sports and celebrities).

How does this help us, individually and, as a global society?  Rather than stoking up the fear quotient on issues like the environment, government and business, why not focus on how we can make some positive forward motion in all of these areas?  Why not report on how well we’ve done in any of these areas such as reducing our environmental footprint, how our government is working together to improve the quality of life for people and how businesses are working to reduce emissions? Or how we’re working to do better?

One might say that we report the way we do because “we’ve not done enough to improve…” Maybe so, but that’s just more fear.  If we truly want to pursue happiness, what permeates the virtual streams of information needs help…from all of us.

So, let’s talk more about what makes us truly happy.

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  1. Jim says:

    What make me happy is time with the kids and our extended family. Being still and having time to just be with the people who are important to me, well, makes me happy! :o)

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