So, Why Blog?

While I first started blogging in 2004, I’ve been blogging on since mid December. Then, In January I decided to commit to a post a day for 2011, giving myself latitude on the weekends.

This has led to some people asking me why blog? Well, here’s why…

→ Community. One of the hardest things about starting or maintaining a blog is the feeling of doing it on your own. This has happened to me on previous blogs, and believe me it’s tough. But this time around, I’m blogging with my daughter, Sarah at I’m a Grown Up Now. This has been great because we talk about blogging topics, share when one of us has written a post, and encourage each other when plagued by writer’s block or trying to find a topic. It’s also been good to visit (and occasionally comment on) a couple of my favorite blogs like (which has some great blogging tips here) and I also read and interact on

All of this to say that community matters and the encouragement (direct or indirect) from other bloggers means a lot and keeps things going.

→ Creativity. I enjoy writing. I like the freedom that blogging gives as a form of creative expression. I like putting together a blog, designing it and playing around with the look and feel of the blog. For example, I knew that I wanted to blog about technology (yes, I love my iPad), the greener side of life (but never guessed I’d head toward being a vegetarian), and exploring creativity in general. I think my blog gives a visually softer approach to these topics and to be honest, I just had fun with the design.

I use blogging as a form of creative expression and it works for me.

→ Communication. Along with creative expression, blogging gives me a voice that extends beyond 140 characters. Believe me, I love twitter—love keeping an eye on what’s trending, and love the wealth of information that keeps my twitter feed scrolling. Twitter and Facebook are great for status updates and pics, but I love having my own space to share what I’ve found elsewhere on the web along with what I’ve learned along the way.

My greatest hope is that maybe, just maybe, someone will stop by my blog and leave with something that has helped them out in some small way.

(This post has focused on why I blog under my own name; future post will address why businesses should have an active blog.)