Natural help for dogs

I know someone who’s having some issues with fleas pestering their canine cutie and found this great resource featuring safe, natural options on and had to share. Quick shopping list includes:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemons
  • Lavender oil or buds
  • Dog brush, comb or sponge (if you don’t have this already)
  • Cedar chips (for Flea be-gone bag)
  • Dog shampoo

The above short list will give you Flea Remedies to make the following:

  1. Flea collar
  2. Flea deterring drink or for food
  3. Flea comb
  4. Flea spray
  5. Flea be-gone bag
  6. Flea bath

If you have dog(s), these natural alternatives are a great way to help them while keeping it simple for you. Again, here’s the link to