Website Review

Latest Website Review

In my job, I often review websites. I make some observations, and then based on those observations, I give some initial recommendations to help folks out with their web presence.

Today, I took a look at a site and thought I’d post what I found. I’m not going to say what website the review was for, I’m just hoping that this bit of information may help someone who stumbles on my site and uses it for improving their website.


  • Header tags used sparingly and only H1 tags seem to be used on the pages I went to.
  • Not all of the links available for navigation are on the home page footer menu. When I click in to an interior page, there are additional menu items in the footer not available on the home page.
  • When a link in the footer is clicked, another menu appears where there are broken links.
  • News page only has a partial entry.
  • FAQ page gets a bit difficult to read as it goes down the page with a white font on a light blue background.
  • Testimonials page has no content posted.

Social media

  • Facebook last update was almost 6 months ago
  • Twitter has 17 followers and no tweets/updates on the page.
  • Google+  includes basic information although no posts or updates.


  • Use at least <h1><h2> and <h3> header tags on multiple pages paying special attention to those terms that are important to you and your website.
  • Make the footer menu consistent on all pages.
  • Incorporate a blog on the site where you,
    • Demonstrate expertise.
    • Use pictures, videos or narrative story whenever possible.
    • Don’t just pitch products. Create awareness. Incorporate testimonials to show the value and fun with the products, then link to the product pages whenever possible.
  • Replace News page link with a link to a blog with updated entries.
  • Add testimonials to the page to have something on the page. Are customers or clients  asked to consider giving a testimonial? They may be more apt to add their own testimonials, if some are present on the page.

If any of the info above sparks a thought that will help your website, great! It made me think about I need to keep posting and using my online time to improve my own web presence.