Guest Post – “Be Your Superhero” by Jim

When super heroes first got our collective attention was way back during the Great Depression.

Even back then during the depression, people developed a capacity to live with less, they saved more and didn’t take anything for granted.   Hard work was the core resource that guided action, and drove people toward solutions.

But life was not all work and no play.  People still needed their distractions as well. So, creating a better optimistic view of the future helps so many, young and old alike, through the difficult times toward a bright view of the future.

From the years toward the ending of the Great Depression and the years leading up to World War II, comic book super heroes created an image of justice and righting of wrongs that reflected the solutions people wanted for the  real problems they were facing each day.  Not much different then today.

What can we learn from this and apply to ourselves today?

As you may be aware some of the same superheros of the past are making modern version appearances in our own culture.  Movies about the Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and Ironman have caught our attention in recent years.  So much so that, there are several more movies in the works about even more superheros.  These modern movies provide for us a short escape from the ills of our current culture, economy and world events.

But, what can we do to help ourselves in order to find and develop a clear optimistic view of our own future?

How can we develop into becoming our own personal “Superhero?”

Focus on here and now, the people in your life, the needs they have.

While it is easy to become distracted with the news and things we have no control over, it really is time to focus on what you can control.

The people important to you, the ones who depend on you, and people who look to you for personal leadership will look to you now more then ever.

If there ever was a time to truly take care of yourself now is it.  If there are people in your life who depend on you, then you will be better equipped to serve them if you are at the top of your game.

  • Get plenty of rest – running too hard for too long will only hold you back
  • Develop some healthy form of stress relief – exercise is probably best
  • Be effective with your time – focus on results and not just being busy
  • Be prepared for the additional requests and responsibilities that will surely come your way

It’s time to take personal responsibility for helping yourself and helping the people important to you. Be the leader, serve the people.

Communicate Openly

Communication is key for good leadership and good communication reinforces stronger relationships.  So don’t get wrapped up in your own head about concerns, stress or problems you’re facing.  Don’t face them alone.

Communicate with the people in your life.  You may be surprised of the number of possibilities, solutions and creative ideas that come out of talking issues and concerns through with the important people in your life.  Spouses and children need to be engaged in what is effecting them.  Many heads bring more chances for success.

Inventory Resources

What do you have available to you?

What are you missing and do you need?

What obstacles are you facing to moving forward?

What potential opportunities do you see in your current situation?

This type of review helps bring your situation into perspective.  No matter  the obstacle you face, there is always an opportunity available and a chance to grow.  Growth and opportunity means you must make a personal change within yourself to stop doing what you have always done and expect to get different results.

It is time to “be” someone you haven’t been before and to “do” some things you haven’t done either. The current economic environment is telling all of us that it’s time to reassess and change how we approach life.

  • What have you always been passionate about but never fully developed or lived out in your life?  We all have passions – cause we believe in and issues that affect us.
  • What are your talents and abilities?  So many of us have worked a job we were capable odf doing, but it was not what we were fully gifted in and fully passionate about.
  • We all have read about people who live out their passions in their life every day, why don you do the same?  Is there a reason to put it off any longer?  And Yes! You can make money at it!
  • Explore the opportunity to live the live you have always known you were capable of living.  There really is no point in waiting any longer.  Your time is NOW!

Share Your Story

Now is not the time to live in a bubble.  Be in community with family,  friends, social groups and associates.

In order to help yourself the most you must let other people know what you need.  Don’t keep your issues and concerns a secret or else they will always be your concerns and they will be with you a lot longer then they should.

  • Join a networking or affinity group. Birds of a feather flock together for a reason.  In these groups you can find assistance, education and support for what you need.
  • You will also find that you are not alone.  Many other people are facing the same problem you are.
  • So get to know more people, get to know what they have learned and help yourself move on to a better place.

Give To Others

This part means you cannot expect to receive all that you need without giving something back to helping other people.

We all have some time, some talent or some ability that will help out another human being.  Seek out opportunities to be available to help others.  You’ll be surprised by the result of giving a little of yourself to help others and how that will benefit you in so many ways that you can never have imagined.

“Welcome to the ranks of the Superheros!”