Favorite Places to Hang Out on the Web

If you have some time and want to do more than just aimlessly surf the web, here are some websites that are really great places to hang out. Check them out:

Lifehacker.com. This site is great for everything from “How T0s” to the latest in gadgets. But it’s not just for the geek or gadget guru. There’s plenty of plain old “how to live better” hints and tips like clearing clutter and low-cost redecorating. This was one of my favorite articles “Do a Little New Year’s Cleaning This Weekend

Ted.com. What you’ll find here are “Ted Talk” videos that are inspiring and innovative. The Ted Talks span a wide array of interests including entertainment, technology, business, global issues, design and science. I’ve watched a lot of these talks that range anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Each and every talk I’ve watched has been a good way to keep me informed and keep me thinking outside the box. A couple of favorites are Inside the Egyptian Revolution by Wael Ghonim and anything by Sir Ken Robinson.

MentalFloss.com. I just love this site. There’s just a ton of information on this site presented in a way that can keep you on the site and lose track of time. For example, today’s headline is Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919…now you checked it out right? I had to stop writing this article because I was intrigued by the title and had to read the entire article.

Stumbleupon.com. This site can just siphon time away from you and I admit, it can get a bit aimless, so be prepared. You can stumble on sites that others recommend (or that you’ve recommended yourself) and either like ’em or leave ’em. Stumbling can be limited to a specific interest, or you can stumble all your interests at once. If you don’t have an account, setting one up is very quick and easy for you to be on your way. I’ve found countless sites using this services.