Have some photos to touch up? Use your iPad

Whether you have some photos to touch up, or you want to explore your creative side and have some fun, there are some really good iPad apps that give you plenty of options for both.

Auto Makers: Why not focus on the Mobile Market?

When I'm not checking out the current or tech news, and I have some free time, I like to check out auto (car) web sites. Most often, when I'm taking advantage of my free time, I'm on my iPad. Using my iPad in a new car search was more difficult than on my laptop.

11 "To Do's" for 2011

I got this idea of committing to 11 habits from imagrownupnow.com. I took vacation from pretty much everything during Christmas and the week going into the New Year. But now is the time for me to get into my routine. However, I don't want to just start where I left off. So here's to change...