Four Veggie meals this cool is that?

I'm so excited. This week we had four meatless meals..FOUR. We began with Meatless Monday and then had Meatless Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Is there any pursuit of happiness in the NEWS?

I just watched the TED talk, "The Happy Planet Index" by Nic Marks. I found this talk particularly interesting because I had just been contemplating that as a society, it would serve us well to talk, report and focus on those things that truly contribute to our happiness and well being.

11 "To Do's" for 2011

I got this idea of committing to 11 habits from I took vacation from pretty much everything during Christmas and the week going into the New Year. But now is the time for me to get into my routine. However, I don't want to just start where I left off. So here's to change...