25 Reasons Why Working from Home is Fine with Me

I’ve not always worked from a home office, but now that I do, I have to say, it works for me.
  1. I can listen to whatever music I want, as loud as I want…until the phone rings.
  2. Everyday is “Casual Friday” which can include shorts, jeans, T-shirts.
  3. Puppies at the office (although they can’t bark when I’m on the phone…which they sometimes do).
  4. Way better cellphone coverage.
  5. Nobody else has control of the thermostat.
  6. Walk around barefoot if I want.
  7. I can raid the fridge any time without worrying about whose food is there.
  8. It’s a super short walk to my desk in the morning. Use much less gas each week, and these days, this is a big plus. Much greener.
  9. Less stress.
  10. I don’t have to worry about rush hour traffic (which used to triple my commute time).
  11. I can easily change up where I’m working from. Living room, family room, another state.
  12. Perfect coffee every time.
  13. My internet.
  14. No cubicles.
  15. Plenty of office space.
  16. I get more visitors.
  17. I can watch TV and movies while I work.
  18. Lots of windows.
  19. I have office furniture I really like.
  20. On-site fitness center.
  21. Decor and lighting are just right for me…no harsh fluorescent overhead lights, just soft lamps and lighting with CFL bulbs.
  22. I can burn candles without setting off fire alarms.
  23. Fewer germs, fewer colds.
  24. I don’t have to worry about forgetting something at home.
  25. I’m not often out of the loop at home. This is mostly good, but sometimes…well, just kidding, right?
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  1. Debbie Dowling says:

    I enjoyed your 25 reasons. The only thing different for me is I have kids crying instead of dogs barking!

  2. ginny says:

    Lol! Yeah, the dogs can get pretty loud and wound up–especially when UPS is at the door. Sometimes it sounds like we have 101 Dalmatians!

    Thanks for the comment. How are you doing? Haven’t seen you in too long!

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